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Site Evaluation Presentation

For the first evaluation, I presented a case involving a male patient who visited urgent care due to an abscess. Writing up this case taught me a lot about different types of abscesses. To enhance my understanding, I watched a helpful video on Osmosis comparing folliculitis, furuncles, and carbuncles. This video not only covered the pathophysiology but also introduced me to management strategies for each condition. After presenting the case and discussing management, I furthered my knowledge, because at the urgent care, the patient’s abscess was treated with incision and drainage along with antibiotics, however after my evaluation I found it how some incisions require packing. When I inquired about this at the urgent care, the PA explained that packing depends on the depth of the wound. I also learned that packing wounds prevents them from healing from the top down, which could trap remaining bacteria and cause the abscess to return. Instead, packing promotes bottom-up repair by absorbing any remaining bacteria.

For my second evaluation, I discussed a case involving a woman experiencing esophageal pain, believed to be due to taking antibiotics. Initially, I thought it was pill esophagitis caused by medication getting stuck in the esophagus and irritating its lining. However, after discussing the case with my evaluator, it was suggested that it might have been esophagitis due to GERD triggered by the medication’s side effects. Despite this, the management remained the same for both conditions. Additionally, I presented an article on the esophageal transit time of common-sized pills and capsules, highlighting the importance of drinking enough fluids and maintaining an upright position after swallowing pills.

Overall, the evaluations were valuable learning experiences. Corrections stick with me, aiding in my continuous learning process. I’m still honing my skills in selecting the most pertinent differentials and defending their relevance to the case. By leveraging my clinical site experiences and outside references, I aimed to develop management plans that best suit the patient. I look forward to furthering my knowledge and skills in future evaluations.