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Self Reflection

I had a lot of fun during this rotation, thanks to the welcoming staff and helpful PAs who made the experience enjoyable. It was my first time working alongside another physician assistant, and it turned out to be a positive experience. The PAs took the time to explain and teach me various aspects of their work. Since the PAs at this site rotated, I had the opportunity to meet many different providers, each with their unique styles.

Learning to use their EMR system was insightful, and I observed how efficiently the PAs completed their charts. I discovered that templates were often used to facilitate easier charting. Some PAs wanted me to take notes for them, while others preferred handling the documentation themselves. One of my favorite aspects of this rotation was the chance to use my Spanish speaking to help patients. I even called a patient to make medication adjustments on behalf of the PA, making me feel like an integral part of the healthcare team.

Another enjoyable aspect of this rotation was the exposure to various abscess cases. I learned the importance of anesthetizing the abscess before performing incision and drainage. Previously I was uncomfortable with examining ears, I found myself looking at numerous ears daily, significantly improving my comfort level with ear examinations. Additionally, the frequent practice of listening to lung sounds has made me more adept at identifying wheezing sounds. Having the PA confirm or correct my findings during patient encounters has been immensely beneficial to my learning process.

Overall, I believe I learned a great deal during this rotation, particularly in gaining confidence and comfort in interacting with patients. While acknowledging that I still have much to learn, being part of this rotation has undoubtedly brought me a step closer to acquiring the skills needed to become a competent physician assistant.