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Self Reflection

My rotation experience in Internal Medicine was indeed interesting. It served as a wake-up call, highlighting areas where I still need to learn and improve. One notable aspect of this rotation was observing firsthand the significant presence of physician assistants at NYPQ, many of whom operate with a high level of autonomy. It was inspiring to work alongside so many PAs and witness an environment greatly influenced by their contributions.

One of the highlights of this rotation for me was my time spent in the emergency room. I learned the importance of patient follow-up to track their progress, and I was impressed by how effectively the hospital’s EMR system captured this information. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences in the stroke unit, particularly when I had the opportunity to assist during stroke codes. I gained valuable insight into performing the NIH stroke scale and received excellent instruction from the PA and attending physicians who were part of the stroke team.

In the emergency room, I had the chance to practice various clinical skills, such as arterial blood gas sampling, IV placement, and venipuncture. I even had the privilege of assisting in a lumbar puncture. The nurses were incredibly helpful and took the time to teach me their techniques for drawing blood via IV, which is much gentler on the patient. I’m grateful for their willingness to share their knowledge, especially considering how busy they were.

At NYPQ, we encountered a wide range of cases, many of which were textbook presentations of diseases we studied during our didactic year. There is still so much to learn, but overall, my experience in NYPQ Internal Medicine was excellent. I hope to return once I become a PA because it’s an incredible learning environment. This rotation also helped me identify areas of weakness that I need to address, but I view this as an integral part of the learning experience. I am confident that my time in this rotation has prepared me well for the remaining rotations during my clinical year.